Use these powerful tactics to become a better writer.

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Writing is beautiful, but it can also be intimidating. I often feel anxious when I write, and I am sure I am not alone: apprehension about writing is very common, especially among amateur writers.

Having some level of anxiety associated with writing is normal and means that you care about writing well. In excessive quantities, however, stress can be an obstacle and may cause writer’s block.

The writing process doesn’t have to be frightening. If you feel unsure about the quality of your work, try new tactics to improve your writing skills.

According to Shani Raja — a former editor…

Dos and Don'ts to Make a Great First Impression

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“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

I couldn’t agree more.

When it comes to succeeding at a job interview, everyone talks about getting prepared, researching the company, practicing answers to common questions etc. This is definitely important, but let’s not forget the basic rules of job interview etiquette, and, because face-to-face interviews are increasingly mediated by computer screens, of internet etiquette.

I recently had the chance to interview quite a few people as we’re looking for someone to replace a person in my team.

The majority of the candidates made a bad impression on…

An Unexplored Paradise in the Cyclades

Kythnos Island — Photo Courtesy of the Author

What do you think of when I say “Greece”?

Let me guess: islands.

Greek islands, known for their spectacular beaches and breathtaking sunsets, are probably amongst the world’s most popular summer destinations. Recent estimates place the number of Greek islands between 1,000 and 6,000 and, although the number of inhabited islands is much smaller (between 166 and 227), tourists are still spoiled for choices when it comes to picking their holiday destination in Greece.

Still, with so many islands and islets to choose from, some islands arguably get more attention than the rest: Santorini and Mykonos, the all-stars of the…

A Survival Guide for Foreigners, Pt. 1

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“When can you start?”

This question always sounds exciting and promising, especially when you are being hired by your dream company.

Answering this question in the appropriate way, though, is very important and requires time and information, especially if your dream company is located in a different country.

“When would you LIKE me to start?”

I took the first flight available. It was January 2018, right after the Christmas holidays, and I was very excited to begin. That’s probably why I forgot to take everything into consideration.

When people tell you to be careful when answering the “When can you…

Failure can be inspiring if you own your mistakes.

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During my first year in my current job, I made a big mistake. As a proofreader, one’s supposed to look for and catch mistakes, and I failed to do that — I didn’t spot an issue in the copy and the wrong content was sent out to customers.

I took it very, very bad. I still believe the skin rash I had immediately after the incident was a reaction to the stress I suffered at that moment.

Following the event, I had to explain myself to my manager.

My first reaction was denial. My defense mechanism was to refuse to…

Here’s useful information on how to set up your device.

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Sarah Everard’s disappearance has put women's safety under the spotlight and prompted a serious online discussion about the dangers women can face when they are out alone, and the measures they can take to avoid them.

A very useful iPhone tip that is unknown by many has been circulating on social media. The emergency SOS feature is actually something everyone needs to be aware of, men and women alike, as it could really help us all feel and stay safe.

The approach differs depending on your operating system. Here’s how it works.

If you have an iPhone 8 and later…

Seek eudaimonia instead

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“Say any word, and I’ll tell you how the root of that word is Greek.”

If you have watched the movie My Greek Fat Big Wedding, you may remember this line. Gus Portokalos, the protagonist’s father, is convinced that any word can be traced back to its Greek roots. When asked to explain the origin of the obviously Japanese word “kimono”, Gus ponders for a second and replies: “Kimono, kimono, kimono. Ah! Kimono is come from the Greek word kimona, which is mean winter. What do you wear in the winter? A robe! So, there you go!”

Gus’s grandiose talk…

The new service will compete directly with other freelance hiring sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

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The move hasn’t been announced yet, but the Microsoft-owned professional network is developing a new service called Marketplaces to let its members find and book freelancers, according to The Informant.

The service is similar to platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, which focus on white-collar work such as consulting, writing, software development, and marketing.

Although the platform already offers a service to search for relevant freelancers by topic, Marketplaces will be more than just a place to connect with professionals. The new feature will allow customers to purchase services, compare rates, as well as post reviews and project proposals.

LinkedIn is…

Tips and tricks for improving your English using search engines and online dictionaries.

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In 1884, a Portuguese translator named Pedro Carolino decided to write a book to help Portuguese students learn English. The fact that Carolino knew little to no English, and had no Portuguese-English dictionary at hand, didn’t seem to be a problem for him. He found a convoluted way to translate words and phrases from English to Portuguese: for each entry, he first consulted a Portuguese-French phrasebook, then a French-English dictionary. Needless to say, this contorted translation journey led to very funny results:

  • “Anda de gatinhas” → “He go to four feet” (correct: “He’s crawling”)
  • “Sabe montar a cavalo” → “He…

Physical activity is incredibly good for your physical and, according to neuroscience, mental health

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I haven’t always been an active person. Actually, when I was a student it was quite the opposite — I couldn’t be bothered to work out. I was busy, of course, but I was also lazy. I couldn’t find the time to exercise because I didn’t want to. Mine were just excuses. You know what they say, “it’s not about finding time, it’s about making time”? Well, it’s true.

Flash forward ten years later, I’m older and no longer a student. I have a busy schedule — I work, commute, have a partner, chores to do, etc. And yet, I…

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