Simple Gestures Mean a Lot

Small actions are often the ones that have the biggest effect.

Giulia Penni


Photo by Peter Wendt on Unsplash

Every Monday morning I go to the laiki agora — Greek for farmer’s market.

The market’s right around the corner, so it’s a good opportunity for me to take a walk in the morning before I spend the rest of the day sitting at my home desk.

There are many vendors, but I am a regular customer of only a few of them; I try to pay attention to what I buy, and avoid purchasing produce that looks too “perfect” or is not in season (like bell peppers or strawberries in December).

I always buy carrots from the same vendor though. He’s a middle-aged, kind man whose stall is always in the same spot. He remembers me by now, so he always gives me a discount or something for free, such as parsley, fennel, or a few more carrots.

Today I passed by his spot, but he wasn’t there. I continued my shopping to purchase a few more things on my list, when I saw him. He was working at another market stand, a one that I had seen before; it is an almost identical stand, selling the exact same things (carrots, fennel, parsley), displayed in the exact same order, and run by a man who looks almost like him.

“I was looking for you”, I said to him smiling.

“I am helping my brother today!”, he said, almost apologetically. “You see, we had bad weather and these are all the things we got”, he explained, saddened, pointing at a small bunch of carrots and herbs.

“Oh” — that’s all I could say.

I purchased my carrots and parsley, and went back home. Then I sat in my chair, turned on my laptop and started to work.

His words still echoes in my mind. How do they make me feel?





I feel grateful for everything I got.

I feel lucky to have a stable income. I feel lucky that my job doesn’t depend on the whims of the weather. I feel lucky that I can work in a cosy, comfortable place, and not outside when it’s cold, and it rains.



Giulia Penni

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